Phil Jackson likes idea of 4-point line, 30-second shot clock


Say this about Phil Jackson, he’s open minded. He’s not a fan of sticking with the status quo just because “it’s how we do things.”

That includes shaking up some of the things on the court now, like adding a four-point line and more time on the shot clock. Those were some of the things he told confidante Charlie Rosen with (hat tip Eye on Basketball).

“Why not have a four-point line about 35 feet out? It wouldn’t be long before players will get reasonably comfortable shooting from out there. And having a four-point line would certainly serve to enable teams to catch up in what are now blowout games.”

In addition, Jackson supports adding six seconds to the shot clock: “This would give offenses more time to get low-post players involved, make defenses work harder, and encourage more passing and player movement.”

Just a hunch: We will see the NBA experiment with a four-point line (likely at 28-30 feet) in the D-League in a few years. That is the NBA’s lab, where they can test out rule changes and ideas without impacting the main NBA product. I doubt the four-point play ever makes it to the NBA (at least not for many years), but under Adam Silver the NBA much is more open to listening and trying new ideas.

I’m far less convinced we’d ever see a longer shot clock in the NBA — this would end up leading to fewer possessions, a slower game, and the league doesn’t want that. Would we see more post play? More player movement and passing? I doubt it, the longer clock would just lead to another pick-and-roll reset if the first couple didn’t work out.