Report: Nets signing Luis Scola

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Luis Scola started for a 56-win team last season.

And most in Toronto seem fine to let him move on.

So, Scoloa is going from the Raptors to the Nets.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Credit Scola for adding 3-pointers to his repertoire. That makes him so much more coveted.

But he was a tough fit with Jonas Valanciunas because neither was quick enough to defend pick-and-rolls at a high level. Toronto will now rely on Patrick Patterson (a better fit) and recently signed Jared Sullinger (another poor fit, but someone considerably younger).

Scola might start in Brooklyn, where he’ll help Brook Lopez on the glass. At 36, Scola could sharply decline at any moment, though.

But the Nets are off the hook after this season, and they have an abundance of cap space. They also don’t control their own first-round pick. So, if Scola makes them better, however marginally, this makes enough sense.