PBT Extra: Kevin Durant’s move to Warriors puts pressure on him to win

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With his move to Golden State, Kevin Durant heard it all — he’s taken the easy way out, he’s weak for not leading his own team and joining forces, even people calling him a coward.

Durant did not take the easy way out — he put more pressure on himself.

Aside the fact championship are never given away or easy (ask the Steve Nash/Kobe Bryant/Dwight Howard Lakers superteam), Durant goes to a team that has already won a ring — if the Warriors don’t win it all next season, KD will take the blame. Not Stephen Curry. This is a very different roster than the failed Lakers or other big teams — this should be the best shooting team ever — but that doesn’t take the pressure off him.

I talk about all of it — and the plight of the Warriors — in this latest PBT Extra.