Markieff Morris on Kevin Durant signing with Warriors: ‘That ain’t right’

Brett Deering/Getty Images

With such widespread criticism of Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors, there was bound to be at least one current NBA player who’d pile on.

Markieff Morris will carry that torch.

Kyle Weidie of


I don’t think it’s right, but it is what is.

You know what I mean by that. That ain’t right.

The money is going to be there for anything. It’s not about. It’s the whole situation. You don’t do that, man.

I wouldn’t have went there, for sure. First of all, they just beat us. And so that’s more important. I would have been a fire inside me to beat them next year. But a lot of guys are different. I just didn’t expect that from Durant. I know him a little bit, and I didn’t expect that.

Here’s my only problem with this: Morris equating “I wouldn’t have went there” with “That ain’t right.”

Morris can make the best choices for Morris, but that doesn’t mean Durant should follow Morris’ values. There’s room for more than one way of thinking, that can include respecting others