Report: Dwyane Wade to meet with Nuggets, Bucks, Bulls, maybe Heat in New York

Getty Images

I know, the constant Dwyane Wade updates are starting to annoy me too — it still feels like someone is leaking all this to use as leverage against Miami. Then again, the Wade/Miami relationship has deteriorated dramatically in the past couple days, maybe it’s reached a point of no return. Either way, we will dutifully pass the news along.

Wade is in New York Wednesday where he will meet with teams, and Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports has the details.

There are rumors the Knicks, Cavaliers and other teams in the mix too, though nothing confirmed. Cleveland is not going to land him, by the way.

It makes sense for Wade to take the meeting with Denver and Chicago, but he then needs to ask himself: Is this really what he wants? To finish his career in Denver as the veteran name to sell tickets on a rebuilding team? Chicago is his home, but the Bulls are not near contending even with him and the franchise’s long-term plan going forward is not exactly clear (to put it kindly).

Is Wade so mad at Miami that he would take one of these offers?

We may find out soon.