Report: “Hopeful” Nuggets have two-year offer north of $50 million on table for Dwyane Wade

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You have to love that Denver is rolling the dice. It’s a good gamble, even if the team is just being used as leverage.

Dwayne Wade wants three years, or at least two years and $50 million, out of the Miami Heat. Pat Riley has only offered two-years, $40 million.

Enter the Denver leverage.

Good luck finding anyone around the league who thinks Wade is Denver bound.

Wade averaged 19 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game in the regular season; then in the playoffs had a few old-school Wade performances where he nearly single-handedly won games. However, he’s 34, has chronic knee issues (despite playing 74 games last season), and he’s in decline (Wade’s efficiency took a step back last season, he had his lowest PER since his rookie season).

Eventually Wade and Miami will reach a deal. Bank on it. Everything else is leverage.