Report: 76ers signing Gerald Henderson to two-year, $18 million contract

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

If Jerryd Bayless and Sergio Rodriguez didn’t satisfy your desire for the 76ers to add fine/unspectacular veterans, Bryan Colangelo has a signing for you.

Chris Haynes of

Gerald Henderson is fine. His salary is fine. The 76ers probably won’t be fine, but at least they won’t be historically awful. That was important to them.

Henderson is a solid defender, and he has improved on 3-poiners throughout his career. He’s not much of a playmaker with the ball, and too much of his offense is based on 2-point jumpers to become super effective. But he helps Philadelphia, which hasn’t had enough NBA-ready wings to fill a rotation.

Plus, on a short-term deal, Henderson won’t restrict the 76ers once they’re ready to win and attract better talent.