Report: Miami Heat offer Dwyane Wade two-years, $40 million

Getty Images

Dwyane Wade was reportedly reaching out to San Antonio and Chicago, while Denver wanted to be a serious player for his services.

But nearly around the league thought this was all just leverage from Wade to try to get a better deal out of Miami. You know, just like last year. According to Dan Le Batard of ESPN — who is very well connected in Miami — it worked.

In actuality, it’s likely going to be just a little under $40 million — they $39.3 if they match the offer to Tyler Johnson (more than $40 mil if they don’t), according NBC’s own Dan Feldman.

Wade has always been worth more to Miami than any other franchise. And nobody really thought he wanted to leave.

He can still ball. Wade earned an All-Star spot again last season when he averaged 19 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game, then in the playoffs had some old-school Wade performances where he nearly single-handedly won games. However, he’s 34, has chronic knee issues (despite playing 74 games last season), and he’s in decline (Wade’s efficiency took a step back last season, he had his lowest PER since his rookie season).

With that, two years seems fair, as does the $40 million number. Wade has felt he took less in the past to help the Heat assemble better teams and he wants to be made whole, but this is more than he’s going to earn anywhere but a rebuilding team that wants him to sell tickets and little more. He gets to stay in the city where he is loved and won three rings.

Expect Wade’s team to push for more money, but then expect the deal to get done.