Kevin Durant meeting with Heat end, one follow up with Thunder still on his schedule


Miami has made its pitch to Kevin Durant. We don’t know the details, but you can be sure it involved Pat Riley and the word “rings.”

Next up, the Oklahoma City Thunder get the last word. David Aldridge of TNT/ tweeted this.

Remember Oklahoma City got the first shot — before free agency officially started last Thursday, because he’s a member of that team — and then the Warriors, Clippers, Spurs, Celtics, and Heat got their turns in the room. Maybe he goes into the Thunder meeting Sunday night and says he’s staying. The buzz around the league is that the Thunder remain the clear front runners, although it’s not known what impact the Al Horford signing might have had on the Celtics’ pitch. Or if the Warriors — long rumored his most likely destination if Durant left OKC — won the day with the promise of rings.

Durant reportedly has told teams he will make his decision Sunday night, or Monday morning at the latest.

Until then, we wait.