Report: Hassan Whiteside getting max contract from Heat

David Santago/El Nuevo Herald via AP

Hassan Whiteside is becoming the first player in NBA history to go from a minimum salary one season to a max salary the next.

Whiteside, who agreed to re-sign with the Heat, will get paid.

Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press:

Whiteside’s max projects be worth about $99 million over four years, though the exact amount won’t be determined until later this week.

What a journey for someone who was playing in Lebanon just two years ago, still facing major questions throughout this season and then seized this opportunity.

There’s plenty of risk for Miami, but I’d rather have the 27-year-old Whiteside than not. He’s worth the gamble.

The bigger issue is Dwyane Wade. This leaves just about $19 million for Wade, who’s agitating for more. Trading Josh McRoberts might be necessary to satisfy Wade’s demands.

And what about Kevin Durant? By the time the Heat meet with their reported top target, they might not have a clear route to clearing cap space for him — unless they dump Wade. But without Wade, why would Durant choose Miami?

The Heat have chosen their path with Whiteside.