Is Dwyane Wade serious about leaving Heat? Other GMs reportedly think maybe he is.

Associated Press

We’ve seen this movie before: Last year Dwyane Wade threatened to leave the Miami Heat, reached out to other teams, but that ultimately ended up being leverage so he could get a better deal from Pat Riley.

Heck, we’ve seen that leverage move elsewhere this year: Hassan Whiteside met with Dallas only to use that to leverage Miami; Nicolas Batum met with Dallas but used it as leverage to re-sign with Charlotte; Mike Conley met with Dallas but appears close to re-signing with Memphis (notice the pattern here).

But some GMs think Wade is more serious about leaving this time, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

Wade has taken discounts for years from the Heat to help out the franchise and give them money to chase other players. He wants to be made whole. He feels he’s been getting taken advantage of, and if Miami is not going to be serious he will look around.

Maybe he means it this time, but I’m skeptical he moves on because he’s more valuable to Miami than anyone else.

Wade earned an All-Star spot again last season when he averaged 19 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game, then in the playoffs had some old-school Wade performances where he was dominant. However, he’s age 34, has chronic knee issues (despite playing 74 games last season), and he’s in decline (Wade’s efficiency took a step back last season, he had his lowest PER since his rookie season).

How much and how many years are other teams willing to pay? More than Miami eventually will, where he’s the face of the franchise? I still expect a deal to get done.

But maybe he’s the one guy not just flirting with other teams such as leverage.