Hassan Whiteside says he’s re-signing with Heat

AP Photo/Alan Diaz

So much for the Mavericks becoming the frontrunner and the Heat losing ground on Hassan Whiteside.

Whiteside in The Players Tribune:

I have decided to re-sign with Miami.

Pat Riley called Whiteside the Heat’s top priority, and it’s easy to see why. The 27-year-old center is a beast scoring inside, and he blocks a lot of shots. He has also grown defensively and must continue to improve on that end.

The big question in Miami now: What happens to Dwyane Wade? The Heat had just about $40 million available for Whiteside and Wade, and Whiteside’s max salary projects to be about $22 million. Is the leftover amount enough for Wade, who’s agitating for a better contract?

The Mavericks also face questions after getting spurned by another big-time free agent. At least, this time, the player never committed to signing with the team (at least as far as we know).