Chandler Parsons on why Memphis: “I really believed in Coach Fiz”


Let’s be clear: There are 94 million reasons that Chandler Parsons chose Memphis.

Money is almost always the primary free agent motivation. But Chandler Parsons could have chosen to get his max money in Portland — which has far more hipster coffee houses he could frequent — or a number of other teams that would have thrown the cash at him.

So why Memphis? Tim MacMahon of ESPN asked him.

Text message from Chandler Parsons on why he chose the Grizzlies: “I really believed in Coach Fiz (David Fizdale). Nobody in the league has coached better wings than him. I trust [assistant coach J.B. Bickerstaff] with my life. They have nobody like me, and their veteran, experienced players are a perfect fit with me.

“Toughest decision of my life though. Portland is incredible.”

Can’t blame the man for taking the cash.

Memphis is an interesting team with Parsons — providing he can stay healthy. That’s the gamble. But they soon will re-sign an elite point guard in Mike Conley, they will still have an elite center in Marc Gasol in the paint, and they will have a new coach in Fizdale to try and put the pieces together.

This is a good team, just a team that will fall short in a West with Golden State, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio.

By the way, Chandler Parsons confirmed the move on Instagram.