Kyrie Irving plans to remind Warriors on Olympic team who has a new ring

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With the NBA Finals hanging in the balance, Kyrie Irving was isolated on Stephen Curry and proceeded to drain a three pointer over him. That was the ballgame (well, after Stephen Curry couldn’t knock down a shot over Kevin Love to equalize). Cavaliers win.

Next month, Irving heads to the U.S. Olympic team training camp (which starts in Las Vegas and tours the USA before going to Brazil in August for the Games). He will be joined there by three Warriors — Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes.

Guess what topic is going to come up?

Kyrie admitted there will be trash talk while on ESPN’s Mike & Mike show Tuesday.

As there should be, Irving earned the right. His team won, and he was the second best player on a championship team, (Anyone trying to sell Irving as Finals MVP is just trying to gin up a talking point for their radio show or whatever, no thinking person who watched the games could vote for anyone but LeBron James.)

Irving can talk all he wants, so long as he hits Thompson with a pass at the three point line when the latter is open.