Report: Wizards give up Kevin Durant chase

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Kevin Durant called Wizards fans “disrespectful” for cheering him when the Thunder visited Washington last fall. He reportedly eliminated the Wizards in free agency, and he won’t even meet with them.

Unlike the similarly situated Knicks, Washington is throwing in the towel.

J. Michael of CSN Washington:

While it’s evident that the Wizards aren’t in Kevin Durant’s plans for free agency, they aren’t holding out hope to make a pitch just for appearance sake. They’ve moved on, and league sources tell on Monday that the idea of returning home just “doesn’t resonate” with the NBA’s hottest unrestricted free agent.

Chasing Durant was a good plan. The upside was sky high, and Washington could offer something no other team could. Turns out Durant wasn’t interested in going home, but at least that differentiated the Wizards from other suitors. Otherwise, Washington would have had no chance from the jump.

But now it’s probably time to move on, the Wizards avoiding missing out on other free agents while Durant deliberates.