Report: Tim Duncan picks up $5 million option, keeps options open

Getty Images

If Tim Duncan is coming back to the Spurs next season, he is doing so at a very reasonable $5.6 million salary — he picked up his player option for this coming season, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

It is “if” because he has yet to decide if he’s going to play another season.

Duncan, 40, is still seriously contemplating his desire to continue playing, as well as judging how his body feels, league sources said. The Spurs are allowing Duncan to make a decision on his own timetable, but there’s no question that this offseason is the most seriously he’s considered retirement.

The Spurs ideally would like Duncan to make a decision before free agency gets rolling because it would impact the moves they try to make. That said, if the Spurs do not land Kevin Durant, they could chase someone such as Pau Gasol who could either step in for Duncan or play in a platoon with him (or even next to him at times). Whathappenspenes, Gregg Popovich will put guys in good positions to succeed.

Duncan has earned the right to make his decision in his own time, and the Spurs are being the classy organization we have come to expect in not pressuring him.