Report: Richard Jefferson wants to play multiple more seasons

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Richard Jefferson announced his retirement after the Cavaliers won the championship.

Then, he said he wasn’t certain.

Now, he’s planning to stick around for a while.

Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports:

By the end of the week, Jefferson will announce his intention to play another decade.

Jefferson was a valuable contributor to the Cavs. He was their next-best player after LeBron James while they were falling down 3-1 in the Finals. Cleveland needed Kyrie Irving and others to step up to come back – Jefferson had already hit his highest gear –  but being a team’s second-best player at that stage, winning or losing, is nothing to scoff at. The 36-year-old Jefferson clearly has something left in the tank.

Good news for the Cavaliers: If he wants to return, the largest salary he can command is $ 1,861,991 (120% of the minimum through Non-Bird rights). That’ll help keep their luxury-tax bill from getting even more exorbitant.

He could get more on the open market, but he seems happy in Cleveland. At this stage of his career, winning and comfort probably take priority.