Sounds like Kevin Durant may at least meet with Knicks

Getty Images

It’s a long shot that Kevin Durant signs with the Knicks. Like Donald Trump carries Massachusetts in the general election long shot.

But maybe they are at least going to get in the room with him and make their pitch.

Ian Begley of ESPN has this quote from Kevin Durant.

There is nothing definitive in that quote, but it sounds like he’s willing to listen to what Phil Jackson is selling. We know that Carmelo Anthony is selling KD on New York. Apparently Durant likes the Derrick Rose trade a little more than I do for the Knicks. It’s an upgrade at the point, but there are a lot of questions about ball movement, health, defense, and more the Knicks have to answer.

The Thunder are considered the front-runners to retain Durant’s services. It’s been the sense around the league that if KD goes elsewhere Golden State is at the front of the line. After that, the Spurs, Clippers, Heat, and Celtics are all getting meetings.

The Knicks, even with Rose, come in after that. But at least if they get a meeting Jackson can say he got his foot in the door. Which is more than the Lakers and Wizards have gotten.