Bulls’ Fred Hoiberg confuses Brook Lopez’s name with twin Robin during press conference

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It was the best thing the Bulls got back in the Derrick Rose trade with the Knicks. If they could have, the Bulls would have shipped Rose out of town for a rack of shoot around basketballs, but what they got in return was a quality NBA center who can defend the rim in Robin Lopez (there were other parts to the deal).

Except, during his press conference Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg confused Robin with his brother (and Brooklyn Net) Brook.

Fred, you can tell them apart by the hair.

Obviously, this was an accidental slip of the tongue — Hoiberg goes on to describe Robin’s game, not the more offensive-minded Brook — and nobody is going to be mad at him four it. Not the Lopez brothers, who are used to it.

Besides, Robin’s game probably better fits what the Bulls need in their retooling.

The only person who would probably rather have Brook is Benny the Bull.