Cavs GM David Griffin: “We intend to keep this group together”


Even though the Cavaliers won the championship, and Kevin Love came up big in the decisive Game 7, speculation has not quieted about his future with the team. He’s still an awkward fit with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and needs to be heavily involved in the offense in order to be productive. But from the sounds of it, the Cavs aren’t planning on moving him anytime soon. In an appearance on ESPN Radio, general manager David Griffin said he’s planning on bringing the same group back next season.

Love still isn’t a perfect fit with the Cavs, but they just won the title. If Griffin makes a big shakeup and it backfires, that’s on him, so the safest route is to run this group back and hope they can repeat. If they get off to a bad start and want to move Love (or anybody else) during the season, they should still be able to.