LeBron’s iconic Cleveland/Nike banner to come down during Republican National Convention

Getty Images

During the NBA Finals, the beautifully redone town square in the middle of downtown Cleveland was still blocked off from pedestrians. The streets around the Quicken Loan Arnea were torn up and soon will get a fresh layer of asphalt and a new paint job. Everywhere you look, downtown Cleveland is getting cleaned up and spruced up.

It’s amazing how local politicians can find money for these things when their more powerful and influential friends are coming to town — the Republican National Convention is coming to Cleveland this July.

One other change, the iconic, football field-sized LeBron James Cleveland banner near the arena, a huge Nike ad on the Sherwood Williams building, is coming down during the convention, reports newsnet5.com (hat tip Eye on Basketball).

Officials said a red, white, and blue proclamation was made for the spot on the Sherwin Williams headquarters where LeBron now stands, arms up, over the city. Early Monday it was unclear whether the Cavs sign would stay since Cleveland won the NBA championship with James chosen as MVP.

Hopeful speculation was out that it might stay if enough RNC-goers want their picture with the king. But later in the day, Sherwin Williams confirmed that LeBron is coming down for the RNC. But it said the banner is going to stay up for the time being so that fans could see it with the words “Champions” added.

To be clear, this is one thing you can’t blame on Donald Trump — this was not a decision that the RNC was involved in making.

There was an online petition to leave it up, but it had about as much influence as most online petitions.

LeBron’s banner will be back up before the Cavaliers tip-off defense of their title next fall.