DeMarcus Cousins tweets: ‘Lord give me the strength’

AP Photo/Darren Abate

The Kings are trying to make it work with DeMarcus Cousins.

Their draft day apparently isn’t helping.

Usual disclaimer: We don’t know what Cousins is tweeting about. He might not even be watching the draft. But with most of the NBA world tuned to the draft, it’s a reasonably safe assumption.

Sacramento traded Marco Belinelli for the No. 22 pick and traded down from No. 8 to select Georgios Papagiannis at No. 13. I like the strategy of expanding assets, though:

1. I’m not enamored with Papagiannis, an old-school center who admittedly has a decent amount potential.

2. Cousins probably is even less intrigued by someone he can’t play with. At best, Papagiannis backs up Cousins next season, and I doubt Papagiannis is ready to make an NBA rotation.

3. All these moves have an eye to the future. Cousins wants to win now.

Cousins’ discontent is reasonable, but the Kings have to think bigger picture. If they do so wisely, they might wind up surprising him.