Report: Lakers, Pistons, Magic to make run at free agent Al Horford


Al Horford is a great fit just about anywhere. Want a four who can hit threes or play in the post? Then Horford is your guy. Want a “small ball” five who can space the floor, has playmaking skills, defends well, and knows how to play within a team concept? Then Al Horford is your guy.

Which is why it’s going to take a max contract to get Horford as a free agent this summer — and teams are lining up to do it, even if they know they will regret the final year of the deal (he is 30). From Marc Stein of ESPN.

Horford is good at everything, although not truly elite at any one thing. The All-Star averaged 15.2 points and 7.3 points a game, had an above-average true shooting percentage of 56.3 percent, and had a PER of 19.4.

Horford’s versatility means he can play anywhere. He can be a five in Luke Walton’s new Laker system. He can be a four who does more than just space the floor next to Andre Drummond for the Pistons. Frank Vogel would have options and can play Horford at the five (with Aaron Gordon at the four) or the four (with Nikola Vucevic at the five). All of those teams have money to spend and can afford Horford at a max (which will start at $26.4 million for him).

Boston has been rumored to be interested in Horford as well, and he would be an upgrade at any position for them.

However if, as expected, the Atlanta Hawks come in with a larger, five-year max offer — which only they can do because they have his Bird rights — there’s a good chance Horford stays put on a good Atlanta team. Horford said during the playoffs this season he wanted to stay with the Hawks. Smart money is that is what happens.

But he will have options.