Report: Chandler Parsons to opt out of final year of deal with Mavericks

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No player’s situation may sum up just how absurd and cash rich this summer’s free agency will be like Chandler Parsons. He’s coming off his lowest-scoring season since his rookie year (13.7 per game), plus he only played in 61 games and sat out the end of the season due to troubling knee issues.

Yet he is going to opt out of the $16 million max contract he signed two seasons ago because he will get a raise this summer.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN broke the news that had been expected — Parsons is opting out and it’s going to cost Dallas to keep him.

Chandler Parsons will follow through on his plans to become a free agent despite Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s attempts to convince Parsons to opt in for the final season of his three-year, $46 million contract, sources told With the salary cap spiking to a projected $94 million this summer, Parsons’ camp expects him to receive a significant raise in free agency.

Parson’s camp is right. Welcome to the Mad Max style new NBA salary world.

The max salary for Parsons would be $22 million a year, and he very likely gets that. When healthy his versatility — he can shoot from the outside, put the ball on the floor (and has maybe the best shot fake in the game), is a good passer, and is a solid team defender — is what teams prize right now.

The bigger question may be how many years on his contract? Parsons is only 27 years old, but he played 66 games two seasons ago and 61 last season because of multiple surgeries on his right knee. Is this chronic or is he past it? Will teams want to guarantee all four years? Many may not, but it only takes one GM to be okay with the medical reports for Parsons to get what he wants. And if he’s healthy, that team will have a good deal considering today’s market.