Warriors shouldn’t view season as a failure after Finals collapse



That’s what Klay Thompson said after the Golden State Warriors’ Game 6 loss in Cleveland, when asked if their record-setting season would be a failure if the end result wasn’t a championship. And in a sense, he’s right. The 73 wins don’t mean as much without the trophy. The bloom unquestionably came off the rose during the postseason, between Stephen Curry‘s knee injury, the 3-1 deficit to Oklahoma City in the Western Conference Finals, Draymond Green‘s infamous groin punching and, ultimately, their 3-1 collapse against the Cavaliers.

The Warriors can’t feel good about any of that. But it should not diminish what was, until Sunday night, an incredible, dominant season.

Throughout the season, in a year in which Kobe Bryant announced his farewell tour, and in which Kevin Durant‘s free agency loomed large in the background, the Warriors were the dominant story, day in and day out. And not without reason. They seemed invincible all season — Curry followed up his MVP campaign in 2015 by somehow getting better, blowing past his own single-season three-point record. His pregame warmups became appointment viewing across the league — fans would show up early to pack the lower bowls of arenas to watch simple dribbling exercises, and opposing teams’ local broadcast affiliates often streamed them online.

In a regular season without much drama and with only a few real contenders emerging, the Warriors’ will-they-or-won’t-they quest for the 1996 Bulls’ wins record was a daily fixture. Golden State pulled it off, on the final day of the season, and that record is going to stand for a long time.

The injuries — to Curry, to Andrew Bogut and to Andre Iguodala — are not an excuse for the Finals collapse. It’s really, really hard to win a championship, let alone two in a row, even when you just rattled off the greatest regular-season record in NBA history. They didn’t roll through the playoffs, and they shouldn’t have. This is supposed to be hard.

We’ll never know what would have happened if Curry hadn’t gotten hurt in the first round, or if Green had been able to keep his hands to himself. This Warriors team was absolutely good enough to win the title — the problem was, so were the Cavs. But the Warriors aren’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Rudy Gobert says he’ll relinquish DPOY to little girl playing adorably intense defense (video)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports
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I’ve been looking all day for an excuse to post this video on a site called ProBasketballTalk.

Jazz center Rudy Gobertwho just won Defensive Player of the Year – provided it.


Everyone frets about young basketball players emulating Stephen Curry. But Patrick Beverley apparently also has influence.

Report: Knicks considering offering DeMarcus Cousins big one-year contract if they miss on stars

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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The Knicks will reportedly roll over their cap space if they don’t sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard this summer.

Of course, New York must still field a team for 2019-20. After six straight losing seasons – including a franchise-worst 17-65 this season – the Knicks might even want to be somewhat competitive.

A candidate to fill the roster: DeMarcus Cousins.

Marc Stein of The New York Times:

If the Knicks are intent keeping cap space clear for 2020 (when the free-agent class looks weak) if they strike out this year, Cousins could make sense. His shot-creation skills would raise their floor. He was a star not long ago.

But leg injuries have sidetracked Cousins’ career. He’ll turn 29 before the season. It’s not certain he’ll ever return to form.

For that reason, Cousins might prioritize multi-year offers with more total compensation, even if the annual average salary is lower. He can’t assume he’ll stay healthy and productive next season and that huge offers will follow in 2020.

Of course, Cousins might not get those multi-year offers this summer. That’s why a one-year deal in New York could work for him. It’d be another chance to improve his stock, much like his season with the Warriors was supposed to provide.

I doubt either the Knicks or Cousins want this. New York prefers better players. Cousins surely desires a larger long-term deal. But they might have to settle for each other.

Kevin Durant reportedly sells home in California, rumored to have bought one in New York

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kevin Durant‘s company moved its office to New York. He could follow, to the Nets or Knicks, in free agency.

Maybe he’s already on the way?

Neal J. Leitereg of the Los Angeles Times:

Kevin Durant has wrapped up some business in Malibu, selling his oceanfront home on Broad Beach for $12.15 million.

Accounting for real estate commissions and other fees, the sale comes out as a bit of a wash for the 10-time all-star. He bought the place last year for $12.05 million, The Times previously reported in April.

Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report:

sources familiar with Durant’s off-court business say Durant has since purchased a new home in New York and moved his belongings there.

Many NBA players spend their offseasons in Southern California. I’m not sure what to make of Durant selling his house there. This isn’t Durant selling his condo in San Francisco, where the Warriors will open a new arena next season.

Buying a place in New York would be more significant, but a player buying a house in a city where he could sign is a classic rumor. It often gets spread whether or not it’s true. I’m skeptical of the sourcing here.

But if Durant no longer plans to play in California, it could make more sense to sell his Malibu home. Of course, he could buy another house near Los Angeles. We just know he sold this specific place on Broad Beach. We can’t extrapolate with certainty.

And Durant could buy a house in New York for the offseason. He might want to be closer to his company in the summer. That doesn’t mean he’ll play for New York or Brooklyn.

So, I’d nudge the odds of Durant leaving Golden State for the Nets or Knicks slightly higher based on this information. But I wouldn’t overreact to it.

Report: Allen Crabbe charged with DUI (video)

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
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The Nets will officially trade Allen Crabbe to Hawks in July.

In the meantime, he faces a legal issue.


we’re told he blew a .08 — which is EXACTLY the legal limit in California … so Crabbe was arrested and booked for misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence.

If convicted of drunk driving, Crabbe would likely receive a two-game suspension – the NBA’s standard punishment for that crime. But considering he appears to complete the field-sobriety test OK, breathalyzers have questionable reliability and his blood alcohol concentration tested relatively low, Crabbe has a chance to beat the charge.