Report: Milwaukee shopping Greg Monroe around “hard”

Associated Press

Two years ago, the Milwaukee Bucks backed into the playoffs with a young roster full of long, athletic defenders that showed promise for the future.

Last summer, they signed Greg Monroe to a surprise contract, the young center choosing Jason Kidd and the Bucks over much larger and more glamorous markets. Then last season the Bucks struggled — certainly not completely because of Monroe, there were injuries and other issues that set the Bucks back, but Monroe and Jabari Parker did not form what felt like the front line of the future in Milwaukee.

One year in, the Bucks are apparently looking to move on, according to Michael Scotto of the Associated Press.

Monroe had some people his first season with the Bucks was an outright disaster, but those people expected him to be something he’s not — Monroe was last season exactly who has been for several seasons now. He is a strong offensive player in the post who will get a team 15 points and 9-10 rebounds a night and do it efficiently — 56.2 true shooting percentage and a 21.8 PER last season. He’s a good passer for a center. He’s not terribly athletic, which hurts his defense, especially if you can pull him away from the paint.

Monroe is a good basketball player, the problem is more fit in Milwaukee than anything else. He’s not going to space the floor on offense, he’s going to be near the paint and his defender can help protect the rim. He’s not going to lock down guys defensively. That didn’t fit with the flow the Bucks had created a year before.

I get why they are trying to move him, but he would need to go to a team with a strong rim-protecting four who can also space the floor. You need a point guard who can get him the rock. How many teams are looking for a traditional center during a small-ball era, and how much would any team give up to get him? The Bucks may not find him easy to move.