Rumor: Lakers ‘could be in the mix’ if LeBron James leaves Cavaliers

Harry How/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith said last month LeBron James would consider leaving the Cavaliers if he led them to a championship.

Cleveland’s title drought ended, what’s next for LeBron?

Smith mentioned LeBron returning to the Heat most prominently in previous report, and in this one. That’d bring complications, but LeBron got over Dan Gilbert’s letter enough to sign with the Cavs. I wouldn’t rule out a return to Miami.

Now, Smith is also featuring another possibility – the Lakers.

He took it a step farther on his SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio show, saying a source tell him that LeBron’s children were enrolled in a Los Angeles school.

Before you shoot the messenger, consider:

  • Smith was the first to report LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh would sign with the Heat in 2010.
  • Smith was talking about the strong possibility LeBron would return to Cleveland about a year before it happened.

Smith might just have an in with LeBron’s camp.

Would it be stunning for LeBron to leave Cleveland again? Of course. But it was surprising to see him leave the first time in a TV special, and it was even more outrageous for him to return. So, I wouldn’t rule out anything with LeBron.

Still, I’d be especially shocked if LeBron left this summer. He’ll surely opt out to become an unrestricted free agent, but that’s just to secure better financial terms. I figure he’ll at least take a victory lap in Cleveland.

But, as Smith has explained LeBron’s thinking, LeBron views his burden to Cleveland as lifted. He got Northeast Ohio a championship, and fans should be forever grateful. If he someday wants to play elsewhere, how upset could they really get?

Maybe we’ll find out.