LeBron answers critics with Instagram post and Kermit sipping tea

Getty Images

“It’s none of my business.”

That Kermit the Frog sipping tea meme isn’t quite “crying Jordan” in the basketball world, but LeBron upped it a level when he wore a hat of the meme to his press conference the day before Game 7.

Then back home Monday in Akron — celebrating a championship and his Finals MVP award with the people of Cleveland — LeBron went to Kermit again in a post firing back at the critics who said he had lost a step.

Like many of the greats before him, LeBron uses what critics say of him as fuel.

I’ve been among those critics at times, saying that on the upper side of 30 he had to hold a little back in the regular season so he could go all out in the playoffs, and that his jumper was no longer the same weapon. On the biggest stage in basketball, LeBron was nothing short of brilliant. If there’s crow to eat, I’ll grill it up this summer. He deserves all the praise coming his way.