Marreese Speights says several Warriors players were doing schoolwork on the plane after Game 6


On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors will play the biggest game of their lives, a Game 7 against the Cleveland Cavaliers to decide the 2016 NBA champion. After blowing two straight games to allow the Cavs to even the series, they have a chance to win it on their home court.

What were they doing on the flight back from Cleveland after Game 6? Schoolwork, according to Marreese Speights in a new Players Tribune essay:

So on our flight home, guys were just chillin’. We weren’t talking about the game. In fact, you know what half the team was doing?

Homework. I’m serious.

Andre Iguodala is still in school, so he was doing his homework on the trip home. Andre reads a lot of books. He’s a smart guy.

And James Michael McAdoo is still trying to get his degree, so he was doing some schoolwork online. The man is focused. Him and Harrison Barnes are literally doing their homework online on the way home for Game 7.

Look, we know what’s up. We know what’s in front of us

Speights also says he wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen Curry scores 50 points, which is entirely within the realm of possibility. At this point, with as many twists and turns as this series has taken, it’s hard to think of anything that would be genuinely shocking as far as Game 7 outcomes.