Rockets GM Daryl Morey: This is a good, deep draft

Associated Press

There is a sense that the class of 2016 is not a good NBA Draft class.

There is no lock franchise player at the top (Ben Simmons maybe can be that guy, but there is no Anthony Davis/Karl-Anthony Towns lock in this draft). Brandon Ingram is a guy who maybe can be a multiple time All-Star. Then the talent level takes a healthy dip. Then it takes another one after pick No. 8.

But a lot of teams see potential in this draft. Here is what Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted:

This draft is loaded with guys who fit this description: “he’s got a lot of raw talent but has this glaring weakness, if he puts in the work and can improve said weakness he’ll be a quality NBA rotation player.”

Meaning, it’s a good draft for teams that know how to develop talent.

That is something all teams want to get better at but certain programs — San Antonio, Boston, Utah under Quin Snyder, among others — are particularly good at. Those teams could identify and develop steals out of this draft that other teams “miss.”

This draft is going to have a lot of “how did our GM pass on X” moments, but a lot will be about how teams can develop those players as much as spotting the potential. Because this draft is loaded with potential.