Kings unveil new uniforms (video)


The Kings are moving into a new arena. They have a new logo.

And now they have new uniforms.

The above video shows them, and the team’s official site has more details.

The home and road uniforms are somewhat similar to the previous versions, but everything – the lettering, numbers and striping – is much more simple. That’s a major improvement from the wonky designs of recent years.

Sacramento will have another all-purple uniform in addition to the road uniform, and the major difference is having “SAC” vs. “KINGS” across the front (and the additional revenue from selling more jerseys).

The eye-catching addition is a black alternate with a pattern of curvy lines designed after the S in Sacramento’s flag. I’m not the biggest fan, because the gray waves look substantially different outside the flag’s other elements, and the flag has only one S as opposed to hundreds interlocking. They look better from a distance, and the cover of Ss might grow on me..

And, of course, the Kings kept the baby-blue throwbacks – a good and easy decision.

Overall, the new uniforms don’t stand out. For the Kings, that’s progress.

Now, about a new culture