Cleveland will not wear black, sleeved alternate jerseys for Game 6. If there’s a Game 7 however….

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CLEVELAND — When the Cleveland Cavaliers came out for Game 5 of the NBA Finals in their black sleeved alternate jerseys, it turned some heads. Aside the funeral color, this was the jersey where back in November LeBron James was so frustrated with them (and his shooting) he ripped the sleeves midgame.

With some alterations — literally — the new look worked as LeBron went off for 41, Kyrie Irving matched him, and the Cavaliers won to force a Game 6.

Dave McMenamin explains how the black jerseys came around again and why the good luck jerseys will not be worn for Game 6 in a story at ESPN.

So Cashman called up a friend of his, Becky Zielinski, who works as a seamstress for the Cleveland Browns, and asked her to look into making some alterations on James’ jersey. She had experience over the years with quarterbacks who preferred to wear tight-fitting uniforms while having a looser fit around the shoulders and armpits to provide them greater range of motion to make throws. She made the same alterations for James….

The NBA does not allow the home team to wear a dark-colored uniform from their jersey set during home games in the Finals — so the Cavs will be wearing either white or gold jerseys for Game 6. But should Cleveland force a Game 7, there’s a good chance James & Co. will be back in black once again with a title on the line.

Maybe the Warriors should break out their black alternates for Game 6 on the road. Maybe it will help Stephen Curry‘s shooting.