Bryan Colangelo expresses doubt about Dario Saric joining 76ers this year

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Dario Saric said and resaid he’d sign with the 76ers this summer. He said he promised Philadelphia he’d follow that timeline. He reportedly told his teammates he’d leave for the NBA this summer.

But Saric – the No. 12 pick in the 2014 NBA draft – might not join the the 76ers this summer.

Philadelphia general manager Bryan Colangelo, via Scott Howard-Cooper of

The timing of him coming to the NBA is still in question. I believe there’s a desire on both sides to make it happen sooner rather than later, but at the same time, the contract scenario, economics, etc., etc. all plays a part in that decision making. We’ll know soon enough whether it’s going to happen for this particular season. That’s our goal and our desire. I think in the next few weeks we’ll have more clarity.

These are not new concerns.

If Daric signs this summer, he’ll be bound by the rookie scale. That means a four-year contract worth $10,749,666 ($4,740,840 guaranteed).

If Saric signs in 2017, he could negotiate a non-scale deal with Philadelphia. With the the salary cap skyrocketing, he might get something like three years, $30 million.

So, there’s plenty of incentive to wait – but there was always plenty of incentive to wait. Why does it seem Saric just realized that? Or, if he knew before, why did he repeatedly state a plan to the contrary?