Usher doesn’t get dap from LeBron, so he gets one from Curry instead


CLEVELAND — Usher was courtside for Game 4 of the NBA Finals. You probably didn’t notice because you were focused on the shockingly blond Andrew Bynum, but Usher was there.

After the game, Usher went to get a dap from LeBron James and…

You can’t blame LeBron here, he and the Cavaliers just dropped Game 4; he’s frustrated and tired, he’s not looking at the people around him as he walks off the court. Not even Usher.

Next, Usher chooses to find Stephen Curry coming off the court. That goes better.

Usher even got some love from Andre Iguodala when he came off the court. So it was a good night to be Usher. Then again, pretty much every night is a good night to be Usher.