Man who ran on court near end of Game 4 in jail facing misdemeanor charges


This was just ridiculous.

A man — who I will not name because he did this seeking notoriety — ran onto the court during play with less than a minute in the game Friday night. He had his shirt off and “Trump Sucks” written on his chest, and “LeBron for president” on his back.

He was quickly tackled and taken off the court by security and Cleveland police before he could get near the players. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the details:

(The man) of Beverly Hills, California is charged with criminal trespass on a place of public amusement and resisting arrest. Both charges are first-degree misdemeanors that carry penalties ranging from a fine to six months in jail.

He is in the Cleveland City Jail awaiting his first court appearance, which has not yet been scheduled.

The perpetrator is a YouTube personality who has done other stunts then put the video up on his channel. He’s the guy that ran onto the pitch during the 2014 World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina, trying to kiss a player.

I wish he had tried this during the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland this summer. If he thought getting tackled and charged by Cleveland police was bad, he should try tangling with the Secret Service. See how that goes.