NBA GM: Lakers should draft Marquese Chriss at No. 2

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 76ers are reportedly leaning toward drafting Ben Simmons No. 1 overall.

That would leave consensus No. 2 pick Brandon Ingram to the Lakers, right?

Chad Ford of ESPN:

NBA draft chatter from NBA general managers, scouts and agents is arriving constantly via phone, text and email.

And what I’m hearing are provocative comments — from GMs I trust with strong track records of truth-telling this time of year — that will help decide how the draft is shaping up.

Here are some of the quotes I’ve been given this week:

“The Lakers should take Marquese Chriss at No. 2.”

Talking to Lakers sources, I think Ingram is the pick for L.A. at No. 2.

It’s on Ford to evaluate the trustworthiness of the general manager before granting anonymity passing along his comments, because we can’t. If it’s someone whose team is drafting high, it reeks of trying to get Simmons – or another player via trickle down – to fall to his team. If it’s someone picking low enough where the order of the top picks won’t effect his team, it’s far more believable.

I’m not as high on Ingram as most. I like his shooting, length, athleticism and youth, but I wanted to see more of his all-around game at Duke.

But I still have him firmly ahead of Chriss.

I like Chriss’ upside. He’s an athletic power forward with an intriguing shooting touch, and he can block shots. But he’s so much more raw than Ingram. Chriss was a dreadful rebounder for a player his size in college.

Chriss might have a slightly higher ceiling than Ingram, but that’s not enough to outweigh a higher likelihood of Ingram becoming a good NBA player.