Woman who took postgame photo with Draymond Green says she’s college friend


Draymond Green bothered people because he posed for a photo with a woman on his way off the court following the Warriors’ 30-point Game 3 loss.

Because that means he’s not focused enough on the game – that was already over – or something.

The woman took to Twitter to clarify that Green wasn’t just posing with a random fan (as if there’d be something wrong with that either):

The only reason – only reason – anyone cares about this is because Green took the photo in front of television cameras. If he had done it in the tunnel and everyone read a reporter’s description of Green posing, nobody would care.

There’s just something that upsets people about seeing a player smile after a loss, especially one where the player – by Green’s own admission – didn’t compete hard enough.

But who cares? You really want Green to sulk until Game 4 Friday? When is he allowed to have friendly interactions again?

As far as I’m concerned, Green can take as long as little as he wants to cool down after a game.

(hat tip: Pueng Vongs of Bay Area News Group)