Warriors by 33 to Cavaliers by 30, 2016 features most disparate scoring margins in any NBA Finals

Larry W. Smith - Pool/Getty Images

The 63-point swing between the Warriors’ 33-point Game 2 win and the Cavaliers’ 30-point Game 3 win is the largest game-to-game swing in NBA Finals history.

But that undersells it.

No Finals had ever featured each team winning ANY game by such divergent amounts, let alone consecutive games.

The previous record came in the 1985 Finals. The Celtics won Game 1 by 34, and the Lakers won Game 3 by 25 points – a 59-point difference. But that had the buffer of a nine-point Lakers win in Game 2.

The sudden change in the 2015 Finals is even more stunning when comparing to a team’s best and worst games – regardless of order – in a Finals.

Here’s every time a team’s best win and worst loss in a Finals were separated by at least 40 points: