Hawks’ Jeff Teague posts he played last season with torn patella tendon, quickly deletes

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Did Hawks’ starting point guard Jeff Teague play last season injured?

He posted on picture and comment on Instagram describing his surgery to repair a torn patella tendon, but he quickly deleted the post. Here is the image from Twitter.


If this is true, it could not have been a complete tear, Teague could not have played through that. It is possible it was a partial tear that could be surgically repaired. Whatever it was it doesn’t seem to be that serious.

Teague’s numbers last season were similar to, but slightly less efficient than, the season before. He scored almost the exact same number of points per game (15.9 to 15.7), he shot better from three (40 percent) but his assists were down. He struggled more in the playoffs, shooting 38 percent overall and 34.1 percent in the second round.

Teague has been mentioned in potential trade with the 76ers, and while how likely that one is to come to fruition is up for debate Teague will come up in other rumors. Now you can be sure those other teams will have their doctors take a long look at Teague’s knees, and if there are issues that buzz will get around the league quickly.