Report: ‘Very possible’ Kevin Love could play in Game 3, won’t be determined until tomorrow

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Kevin Love, who suffered a potential concussion Sunday, at least didn’t begin practice with the Cavaliers today.

What about Game 3 tomorrow?

Chris Haynes of

The Cavs still haven’t said whether Love suffered a concussion. A player can enter the concussion protocol with only symptoms, not a confirmed diagnosis. If he was concussed, tomorrow seems like a quick – though far from unheard of – turnaround. If he wasn’t concussed, tomorrow seems much more feasible.

The bigger problem for Cleveland is figuring how to beat the Warriors – with or without Love. He’s getting torched on defense, but the Cavaliers’ alternatives bring far less offensive skill.

Some believe they’re in better shape without him. I’m not sure that’s the case, but I sure don’t think they’re in good shape either way.