Stephen Curry still undecided about playing for Team USA in Olympics this summer

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OAKLAND — Part of Stephen Curry wants to ride this winning streak he is on all the way to Rio and pick up a gold medal in the Olympics this summer.

“Every time I’ve played for Team USA in the past, starting way back when I was 19 to the last two World Championships and whatnot, it always is a huge honor to represent your country and to team up with other guys and play against some of the best competition in the world and have that sense of pride for wearing USA across your chest,” Curry said. “I’ve never played in the Olympics, and that’s what it’s all kind of geared up to. I think that’s definitely a special accomplishment to be able to be on that team.”

But coming off a knee injury this postseason, and with the Finals still going on, Curry isn’t committing to Team USA this summer, yet.

“I haven’t thought much about it right now because I’m obviously fighting for the Larry O’Brien Trophy,” Curry said.

Curry went into more detail for Scott Howard-Cooper of

“I have no idea,” Curry said. “I’m still in the pool and still the goal is to be on the Olympic team if that’s the right decision for me. I am leaving myself a little bit of room just because I don’t know what it’s going to be like. But in a couple weeks I’ll know for sure.”

Barring an injury, expect Curry to be in Rio. He wants to do it, he wants the gold for his resume, and you can be sure Under Armour wants him to be wearing and promoting his shoes on that international stage.

Plus, I think Mike Krzyzewski might be able to find a way to utilize Curry’s shooting. Just a guess. I also think a Curry/Russell Westbrook backcourt pairing could do a little damage.