Report: No league punishment for Dellavedova’s shot to Iguodala’s groin. Nor should there be.


OAKLAND — If this wasn’t Matthew Dellavedova — a man with a history of reckless, some would say dirty, play — we wouldn’t be talking about this.

But the Cavaliers’ guard does have that history, and he did hit the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala in the, er, groin area during the third quarter of Game 1. That has led some to wonder if the league would step in. No, they will not, reports Sam Amick of the USA Today.

This is the right call. In both cases.

Dellaveova clearly is trying to make a play on the basketball, Iguodala wisely moves it out of his way, and Delly’s hand follows through to a place he didn’t intend. I understand Iguodala’s reaction, but this was a common foul, nothing more. The referees and the league got it right.

All of this is the same with Draymond Green‘s “kick” of Kyrie Irving. There is a backlash going on — particularly on Twitter — about the play of Green. And no doubt, the man does flail to get calls. But in this case, he was pulled backwards off his feet and the reaction was natural, not intentional. Again, if this were any player but Green right now nobody would care.

Nothing to see here, move along.