Report: Jeff Hornacek (Knicks) and Mike D’Antoni (Rockets) each making $5 million per season

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Did Knicks owner James Dolan prevent Phil Jackson from hiring Kurt Rambis?

Did Rockets owner Leslie Alexander prevent Daryl Morey from hiring Jeff Van Gundy?

To whatever extent the owners got involved in New York hiring Jeff Hornacek and Houston hiring Mike D’Antoni, they at least paid up.

Calvin Watkins of ESPN:

Newly hired Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni signed a three-year contract in the $15 million range with a team option for a fourth season, according to a source.

D’Antoni’s contract is similar to New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek, who, according to ESPN sources, just signed a three-year deal for $15 million. Unlike D’Antoni, Hornacek doesn’t have a team option for a fourth season.

This about the going rate for a good head coach with prior experience. Frank Vogel and Terry Stotts reportedly got a little more. Dave Joerger reportedly got a little less. (Scott Brooks somehow got way more.)

I’m not sure the Knicks or Rockets could’ve spent more to get a better coach. You can debate whether they made the best hires, but it’s hard to identify someone clearly better who would’ve accepted the job only if it paid more.