As expected, Clippers’ Austin Rivers and Wesley Johnson will opt out of contracts, become free agents


Almost every player that could become a free agent this summer should — the salary cap is about to spike by $22 million per team and the average player salary is about to jump with it. Opt out and it’s an almost guaranteed raise.

Austin Rivers made $3.1 million last season for the Clippers and averaged 8.9 points per game. Wesley Johnson made $1.1 million and averaged 6.9 per game. Big holes can be pointed out in both their games, but they both could expect raises on the open market this summer. Welcome to the new NBA.

So, they are opting out.

Clippers’ coach and GM Doc Rivers said he wants to bring all his free agents back, but it will depend on cost. It also depends on if he is serious about keeping the Clippers’ core together, or if he will explore making a bold move for a team that hasn’t been able to get out of the second round in the deep West.

I’m not sure Rivers will be in more demand anywhere else than with his father and the Clippers. They overpaid him a little last year and it wouldn’t be a shock to see it happen again.

Johnson will tempt some GM and land on his feet again, but likely on a short deal.