The Ringer brilliantly spoofs Draymond Green talk by invoking O.J. Simpson trial


Back in the 1990s, when the O.J. Simpson trial captured the nation’s attention — and for those too young to remember, the arrest and trial were ubiquitous, with what some would call media overkill but people ate it up, so they got more — it became a cultural debate in America much as anything. O.J. guilt or innocence had little to do evidence and for most more to do with the deep emotional feelings had attached to the case, feelings built off their previous biases on race, and the crime culture in the nation at the time.

The Draymond Green kick to Steven Adam’s nuts has some of the same elements: What people think about whether Green intentionally kicked Adams speaks to their fandom in the series, the growing Warriors backlash (they talk a lot of trash and don’t get called out for it like other teams), their feeling about physicality in the league, and more.

The Ringer — Bill Simmons new venture, with podcasts already launched and a Web site coming — had fun with American Crime Story combining the two. Enjoy.