Mark Cuban picks Thunder to win title; “absolutely” would consider VP run with Clinton or Trump

Getty Images

Mark Cuban went on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning and was classic Cuban.

We’ll start with the basketball comments because, well, this is a basketball site and all. Cuban went against the grain — shocking — and picked the Thunder to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy.

“You know, I’m going to take a little bit of a long shot here and go with the Thunder,” Cuban said.

Then came the political talk.

When asked separately if he would run as the vice presidential candidate for likely major party nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he responded “absolutely” but said he would want them to listen and seriously consider where he differs from them on policy issues. Cuban also would not rule out a future run for president himself, saying what Trump has done has made it okay not to be a “Stepford candidate” anymore.

Basically, Cuban will do what is best for Cuban. Which is what he usually does.