David Blatt said he will coach next season. Somewhere.

Associated Press

David Blatt has interviewed with the Nets, Knicks, and Rockets coaching openings this offseason, but is still looking for his second chance in the NBA after the Cavaliers let him go mid-season.

That doesn’t mean he’s taking a year off.

Blatt is known to have a series of standing offers in Europe and said he will coach somewhere next season during a coaching clinic, as reported by Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today.

In a brief conversation, Blatt said he will not take next season off and suggested that if he doesn’t have a head coaching job in the job, he will take one overseas as opposed to working as an assistant or associate head coach in the NBA.

“I don’t see myself not being a head coach somewhere but you never know,” he said….

“I’m going to coach next year. I’m not going to sit out. It’s not in my nature. I want to work,” he said. “I’ll be back somewhere. Could be anywhere.”

If he wants to be in the big chair, and barring a “Lost” level plot twist, that means he will be back in Europe.

Blatt will and should get another chance in the NBA. His knowledge of the game is fantastic, his ability to get players to trust him and buy into his plan is where he fell far short (granted, he was hired to coach a rebuilding team only to have LeBron James make his announcement and change the dynamic). We will see if Blatt learned from his first NBA job and can apply those people skills.

But it may be a year or more before we find out.