Report: Thomas Robinson to opt out of Nets contract

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Thomas Robinson hasn’t lived up to the billing as the No. 5 pick in the 2012 NBA draft?

But does he belong in the league?

That’s essentially the question Robinson faces with a $1,050,961 minimum-salary player option. And he’s betting on yes.

Jabari Young of the Express-News:

Brooklyn Nets forward Thomas Robinson is expected opt out of the final season of a two-year deal the Express-News has learned.

This seems like the right call. It’s hard to imagine him falling out of the league, and teams can’t pay him less than minimum he would’ve gotten by opting in. With the salary cap rising, Robinson is far more likely to draw a raise.

His emergence as a shot-blocker last season – to go with his already excellent rebounding – gives Robinson hope to stick as a backup center. He’s not ideally sized for the position, but his athleticism and energy make him viable. Now, if he’d just finish better at the rim (a skill that looks attainable given his talent), he’d really be onto something.