Report: Heat expect Chris Bosh to play next season

chris bosh raptors heat
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Heat reportedly fear Chris Bosh will never play again.

Or not.

Dan Le Batard of ESPN:

What I know of private medical history, which is to say I have partial information because so much of this is private and guarded and protected, I don’t know what’s going to be different in six months about what’s so right now. Bosh is going to think, six months from now, he’s also going to be able to play. And the recurrence of clots is still going to be something that’s problematic and that doctors might not clear him on. And so I’m sitting here looking at this, and everything that was the wrestling match during the postseason about getting Bosh back out there, I think it’s going to exist and then, later on down the road, this is going to get messy where the Heat, I think – now, keep in mind, I’m saying this with partial information – but I think this is going to end up in a place where they’re fighting over whether or not he retires.

I just got a text saying that Bosh should be able to play next season. So, the Heat expect Bosh to be able to play next season.

What I’m telling you is that Bosh is committed to getting back, and the Heat are hopeful that that can be so

That’s a pretty interesting about-face from Le Batard, who went from predicting the Heat would push into Bosh retirement to reporting they expect him to play next season. Le Batard is plugged in, so it’s definitely possible he received more current information and updated his evaluation accordingly.

But before getting that text, Le Batard was making good points about how the Heat have little option but to publicly toe the company line: “The HEAT, Chris, the doctors and medical team have been working together throughout this process and will continue to do so to return Chris to playing basketball as soon as possible.” Even if the Heat believe Bosh’s career is over, it would be unbecoming to say so at this point. He wants to play again, and they should help him try.

So, either Le Batard got a text from someone reliable or he got duped by the same propaganda he was just warning against. I don’t know which is the case, but there’s plenty of conflicting information floating around.

The Heat and Bosh came together to bury this issue for the rest of the playoffs. But it’s not going away.