Report: Dragan Bender’s buyout is $1.3 million

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

NBA teams can pay up to $650,000 toward buyouts for draft picks this offseason.

Dragan Bender – who’s in the running for the No. 3 pick – has a buyout twice as large.

Jonathan Givony of Yahoo Sports:

Dragan Bender has a $1.3 million buyout in his contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv, a league source told The Vertical.

Bender would have to pay the other $650,000 himself, and it seems he would. All indications are that he’ll play in the NBA next season.

But if he falls in the draft, it’d be a large chunk of change. Here’s what Bender’s salary would be depending when he’s drafted and the percentage of it the buyout would occupy:

  • No. 3: $4,743,000 (14%)
  • No. 4: $4,276,320 (15%)
  • No. 5: $3,872,520 (17%)
  • No. 6: $3,517,200 (18%)
  • No. 7: $3,210,840 (20%)
  • No. 8: $2,941,440 (22%)
  • No. 9: $2,703,960 (24%)
  • No. 10: $2,568,600 (25%)

Bender is highly regarded, and I don’t think he’ll fall far from No. 3. Even if he does, he and Maccabi Tel Aviv could always negotiate a lower amount. That’s common with buyouts.

But is there any chance Bender falls far enough and Maccabi Tel Aviv remains steadfast enough that Bender wouldn’t come to the NBA next season? Two key unknown factors: Bender’s salary with Maccabi Tel Aviv and his buyout amount in future years.